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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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Kingdom Strategy for FAVOR!

May 4, 2019 was my last day on my job, where I was employed for twelve years. Upon transitioning into full time ministry, my employer brought me into his office and told me the company was going to give me a stipend for one year as an act of appreciation for me being a blessing to the organization. This act of kindness immediately moved my heart to give God praise for His FAVOR!

Pastor Kisha and myself have confessed and taught others for years, to believe God for money you didn't have to work for. Now, this wasn't a stipend that was connected to exchanging time for money. There were no strings attached. It was just the Favor of the Lord.

Let's fast-forward to May 12, 2020. I received a text message from the finance department of my former employer, stating that my stipend would be ending on May 18, 2020. I immediately took another glance because I was under the impression that my stipend had ended the first of May. So, I begin to get excited and was like, wow! However, the message continued and said, but they {my former employer}, decided to give you the first pay in June also...OMG!

Can you say FAVOR! Not only had I received a stipend for a whole year, but then, a surprise extension of a few more pays was absolutely God's Favor!

This Wasn't A Result of Me Being a Pastor - This Was A Result Of Applying A Kingdom Strategy Of Faith!

I wanted to share this awesome testimony of #favor because I know that God is not a respecter of persons. What He did for me, He will do for you, if you are willing to learn and apply the same God-given strategies that I applied to release this Favor in my life. In closing, I want to give you "3 Kingdom Keys of Faith" that Pastor Kisha and I applied, and have been applying for years to unlock the "Law of Favor in our lives!" I guarantee, if you apply these keys in faith, you will release the Favor of God in your life also! One note before you begin to write down and apply these principles: you must know that God has ALREADY granted you favor, but your Faith is the key to unlock it!

So, here we go...

1. Declare The Favor of God Over Your Life Daily!

Psalm 30:5b in the KJV states, "in his favour is life." This scripture gives us clear insight that your life must be dependent on the Favor of God! Every day I wake up, I #speak out of my mouth, "Today is my day of Favor!" Now, listen! This isn't just a cliche phrase. When you #declare out of your mouth, your Faith is released and your words go into the spirit realm to create what you spoke. Remember, you are the image of God, and you are made in His likeness. God is a spirit that speaks, and sees what He speaks. So, when you speak in faith, you will see as well. So, everyday #declare, #command and #decree that "today is my day of favor! If you desire the Favor Confession that I pray regularly, please click this link "FAVOR CONFESSION"

  • Pastor Kisha and myself habitually speak the favor of God over our lives and family!

2. Expect Favor Everyday of Your Life!

#Expectation is one of most powerful keys to faith and favor that you will ever discover. #Expectation literally means, "head out-stretched." In other words, it's like a person constantly stretching their head out their front door eagerly awaiting an important package. This is how you must be EVERYDAY! You have to wake up everyday expecting the Favor of God to manifest in your life. Never leave the house without #expecting God's Favor to show up on your path. Once you have opened your mouth and declared, "Today is my day of Favor," go about your day with an attitude {mindset} that something favorable is going to happen to me today. Go to your job with an #expectation of favor. Go into that business deal with an expectation of favor. Keep your head out-stretched {LOL} always #expecting and anticipating God's Favor. It's the law of attraction. You will receive what you #expect!

  • Everyday, I make it a point to set my mind and attitude that something wonderful is going happen for me ~ Pastor Jerwan

3. Sow Seed with a Favor Focus!

I heard the late Oral Roberts once say the greatest revelation that he had ever received from the Holy Spirit was, "#sow a seed and target it to reap a specific harvest!" This principle is the bread and butter to unlock Favor in your life. Many times we #tithe and #give offerings based on obligation. We give because we love God {which is wonderful}. We #give to support ministry. Believe me, that's great, but unless you sow seed and give it an assignment, you are actually not giving your faith a target to work with. Remember, a farmer #sows a certain seed for a certain harvest. He doesn't just #sow and hope for any harvest to spring up. The farmer is specific. As with you, you must #sow your seed for a specific #harvest, and then stand in faith for the manifestation of your #harvest. If you desire to receive Favor in your life, you must #sow favor. Look for someone you can bless. Look for someone to help, and watch Favor explode in your life! Proverbs 11:25 EXB - Whoever gives to others will get richer[or blesses others will be refreshed];those who help[satisfy]others will themselves be helped[satisfied].

  • Pastor Kisha and myself, sow financial seed for specific harvest constantly. For instance, we sowed a special seed at a conference years ago for a church building, and that was the seed that unlocked Favor for our current Faith Life Church building location now!

This month of May, we have declared that it is the month of More Than Enough! I believe that as this prophetic word has gone forth, Favor is awaiting you. Apply these principles today, and stand in faith. Favor has to respond to your Faith. Today is your day of Favor!


Pastor Jerwan

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