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Release 2 Increase Pt.2

Hey Champions,

I write to you today, to let you know that it is the will of God for you to #advance financially. In fact, from the beginning, it was never God's intent for His children to be in financial ruts, lack or debt. The word of God clearly reveals God's purpose for you to always #increase financially no matter what your current financial status is.

So, the question is: how do I #advance financially? Well, the key is giving! Moreover, the bible calls it sowing and reaping or giving and receiving {Genesis 8:22 - Luke 6:38}! A few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit shared with me a different way of saying it...He told me, "Release 2 Increase!" I want you to know that this principle will work for anyone, who will make a decision to use their faith and work it, and no matter where you are currently in your finances, they will #Increase!

Remember, the kingdom of God operates differently than natural wisdom. Just think! Natural wisdom would say, "Keep 2 Increase!" Not so with the kingdom!

The #kingdom of God operates on Supernatural Wisdom, and the key to Increase is to Release...

Today, I want to share with you a testimony of a couple that are committed to the principle of giving and receiving, and truly have a heart to see the #kingdom of God manifest in the lives of God's people.

I truly believe that God does not want you to settle or get comfortable with your financial status, because there is always room for #increase, #advancement and #abundance. Yes, continue to be grateful about what He’s already done, but God wants to do so much more for you. God has so much on the horizon for your financial future, and guess what, it’s just the beginning.

Remember, God is no respector of persons, but He is a respector of principle! If you use your faith and apply the same principle of #Release2Increase, you will get similiar results as the couple in this click link below and be blessed!


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