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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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The System of Supply!

In the beginning God gave mankind dominion and rulership over the whole Earth. This divine decision by God actually instituted a system (a plan of procedure, an order) that is still in operation on Earth today, but very few people understand how it functions. That system is called the Kingdom of God.

Yes, the kingdom is God's government, but it's also a system of operation. In other words, when a person enters the Kingdom of God, they receive access to operate in a system that will produce everything they will ever need, want, desire or require in life.

However, in the kingdom of God there is an order that must be obeyed, if you desire to see the system operate efficiently...and if that order is not obeyed the system will not respond. I truly desire to see the system of God's kingdom work in your life mightily; producing health, peace, prosperity, wisdom and long life, therefore, I have identified two problems that will halt the operation of the kingdom that must be solved, so you can experience Heaven on Earth in your life!

Here's problem #1: many believers have tried to work the system of the kingdom, and hoped that the system would go into operation by placing their trust in man rather than the God. People of God! The kingdom of God will only go into operation and produce miracles only when your Faith is in God as your only Source. Let's be clear: your job, your money, your pension, your education, your spouse, your pastor...are not your Source! Yes, God blessed you with them, but God is your only Source!

The kingdom of God is only programmed to supply, when the believer trust in the Source of Supply...

Problem Solved: Spend adequate time studying, meditating, agreeing, believing and acting on the word of God! Your Faith and Trust will grow to depend on God as your only Source! Then watch the system go into operation.

Here's problem #2: many believers are just sitting around waiting for God to show up just because they have a need. This is not God's order. Every believer must understand that the kingdom of God is also a system of order, and God has established an order that the kingdom of God will operate through people on Earth. So, stop waiting around hoping for God to change it!

Problem Solved: God gave me and you dominion on the Earth, so take the responsibility to educate your self on how to work the system of the kingdom of God. Apply the laws and principles of Faith, speaking the promises of God and sowing and reaping, and when you do, the system will go into operation and supply whatever is needed!

The kingdom doesn't operate by waiting for God, but by applying the principles of the word of GOD

If you grab hold to the solutions that we discussed, you will make God your only Source, and you will never be in a place of waiting on God!

Remember, God has given you the keys to lock some-things out of your life and unlock some-things to invade your life!

Next week: “What are some principles to cause the kingdom of God to go into operation!”

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