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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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Breaking Mental Barriers

"Your only limitation is the one you set up in your own mind!" Napoleon Hill

Any limitation that is set up in a person's mind is called a #mentalbarrier. So, what is a #mentalbarrier? A mental barrier is an ingrained condition or #limits that's been set up in a persons thinking, that prevents them from advancing in life!

As we look back in life, most of us can now identify some barriers that were set up in our thinking! Many times these limits were settled in us when were were children, therefore at the time it was difficult to detect; however, that’s the danger of #limits...they're invisible, and they hide in your thoughts; in fact, many don’t know why it’s so hard to accomplish their highest hopes and dreams: it’s because of barriers!

I remember when I was in high school, meeting with my guidance counselor. I told him my desire was to attend Purdue University (one of the top schools for engineering at that time), and major in electrical engineering. My counselor looked me straight in the face, and basically told me that would be impossible. I admit that my grades weren't great, but instead of helping me implement a course of action to elevate my grades and prepare me for my dream, he crushed it instead...that set a limit in my mind for years.

Has anyone ever crushed your #dreams? Has anyone ever told you as a child, teen or adult that you wasn’t good enough to accomplish your hearts desire. Well, if you allowed that negativity to settle in your mind like I did -- a barrier was set.

Don’t beat yourself up because you allowed someone or something to set a barrier in

your life. It’s just time to Break the Barrier!

I want you to know today, that #MentalBarriers are meant to be BROKEN! Yes, it took years for me to believe I could achieve my dreams in spite of someone’s NO’s and CANT’s, but I did.

Yes, it will take some effort and focus to #pushpassthebarriers that have been set in your life through failures, broken relationships or even mistakes, but you can do it! You can achieve your dreams! You can be a great mom! You do have something great to offer that company! You can pass the bar exam. Whatever it is that you keep thinking you can’t: You Can!

You can become exactly what you believe in your heart. You are created in the #ImageofGod! Your are #Unlimited!

Today, I am defying the odds of my counselor! I’m actually engineering my own publishing empire, engineering my life as an Author, engineering a growing ministry in Michigan, and most importantly engineering a healthy family! How?

I finally started to face those barriers head on. I began to apply the principles of the word of God that gave me the power to shatter the self-limiting, self-defeating and self-sabatoging thoughts once and for all!!!! I learned how to BREAK BARRIERS!!!

Here's a few keys to help you do the same:

  • Confront Negative Thinking - "You will never conquer what you are unwilling to confront."

  • Change Your Thinking by Meditating on God’s Word - "What you Think about, you bring about"

  • Speak only what God says about you - "If you speak it long enough, you will eventually become it"

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