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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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Destroying The Doubt Trap

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

When we finally embrace that Jesus came so that we might have an abundant life, we get untrapped and start living an unlimited life! An Abundant Life literally means a life those goes past the expected limits! In actuality, all believers believe John 10:10, yet when God shows us a life of #NoLimits, #Increase, #Prosperity, #MoreThanEnough and #ExtremeBlessing, many of the same people say, “who needs all that!”

STOP! Don’t say it! It’s a Trap! A Doubt Trap!

The enemy wants you to declare "who needs all that," or "that's too much" out of your mouth because he knows that death and life are in the power of your tongue. The enemy knows you create limits in your life with your words, even if it's about someone else's abundance. Moreover, these types of declarations sows a seed of doubt in your heart. As a result, when God sends an #opportunity your way, you can reject it because your heart is full of doubt. Yes, you might truly desire to be at a greater level, but doubt will steal it right from under you like a rug. Just think, when doubt traps you, it entangles you into the spirit of poverty, fear of success, uneasyness of prosperity and a discomfort for honestly keeps you in limits.

Israel Fell Into #TheDoubtTrap

God preached to the children of Israel about a place of excessive, extreme and elaborate blessing: the promise land that flowed with milk and honey, but they rejected it because their heart was hard with unbelief. They saw the #miracles done in Egypt. They witnessed the parting of the Red Sea. They experienced manna from Heaven. Yet, they still declared,"let us return to Egypt" (Exodus 14:12). Why? That land with that level of #overflow was too much for them to believe (Hebrews 4:1). As a result, that generation who spoke "let us return to Egypt" sowed doubt in their heart, and missed their opportunity to enjoy #thepromisedland.

The enemy is using that same strategy today. He is desperate for us to reject the good news of the Unlimited Life just like the children of Israel? So, how does he get us to fall into that same

#doubttrap? He specifically and publicly attacks God’s children that walk in #extremeabundance. He persecutes, slanders and accuses them of being materialistic, greedy and wicked. He does this to get people to buy into the accusation and fellow believers to join in with the persecution because when you agree with the accusation, you are trapping yourself in a web of #limitation.

You can live a life of supernatural increase

and prosperity and still be Righteous!

Yes, there have been plenty of deceivers and manipulators that have hurt God's people, but that's #noexcuse to reject the massive #Abundance that God has ordained for you. Why? YOU HAVE A MISSION FOR YOUR WEALTH!

People Who Take Something That’s Good And Use It For Evil Does

Not Nullify God’s Will For YOU To Be Blessed!

God desires to bless you #exceedingly, not wanting anyone other than Himself to take credit for it. However, we can Limit ourselves from living a life of no debt, no stress and no strain when we fall into #thedoubttrap, fearing that being too blessed can cause us to fall into temptation, with phrases like: “that’s too much, I don’t need all that," "isn’t one enough, he has all of that," and "look at all the people who don’t have nothing." Don't let these flow right out of your heart...STOP! Don’t say it! It’s a #doubttrap...

Please don't make the same statement that was said to Jesus...“Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.” John 12:5 NIV

Now Judas was the disciple that made this statement about the perfume being sold to give to the poor, which Jesus corrected. Although, Judas was a thief and didn't care about the poor, this same statement is still being used today to suppress those who have enormous wealth. Statements like, "you shouldn't have a lot, when so many people are struggling" or "the pastor shouldn't have a nice house because he has members that are living from paycheck to paycheck"....STOP! Don't have "the Judas mentality" of downgrading your life in order to help someone else, when you can have God's viewpoint of bringing increase to your life so you can help a multitude of people, who need it.

There is no limitation of resources in the Kingdom of God...God adding to you is not subtracting from someone else!

To Be Continued....Look for Pt.2 next week!

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