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Let Go...

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

What's that thing in your life that you have been constantly going to God about? What's that thing that you been dealing with that you must use your faith to achieve victory daily? Who is that person you have been crying out to God about, out of the deepest love in your heart. What love one has transitioned from this life to eternity, and you need the Lord's strength and comfort like never before?

No matter what that thing is or who that person's time to let go! You might say, "let go!" I can't let go..I just can't! We are not suppose to let go of praying for the person or standing in faith for the promise, but we must let go of the weight and care of that situation.

We were never created to bear the weight and cares of this life!

The weight that you are carrying doesn't belong to you, it belongs to your Heavenly Father. Father God loves you so much that His word says, "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you - NLT."

I know first hand this weight...I've lived with it. I've #overcome it; however, sometimes, I've allowed it to rest on me, which I shouldn't have. In fact, during those time that I overcame it was because I reminded myself that the care wasn't mine, it was the Lord's.

Just the other day, I talked to my Heavenly Father about that pain, but just like I'm writing you today, I have to "let go" as well. Actually, I'm letting go as I write this blog! Praise God!

The key to "letting go" comes by making a quality decision daily to use your #faith in God refusing to take the care when the enemy tries to hand it over to you...It is my deepest passion to help you release all and any weight of care in your life because care and worry have an agenda to cripple your #faith, but not today - not ever!

You are not designed to carry that type of weight of struggles, problems, adversity... no, not in our own strength. We must give all of it to the Lord. I want you to know that it takes #power and #authority to give those cares to God, but by #faith you can do it. Carrying that weight doesn't make you strong, it makes you distrust. So, let it go!

It's time to #Trust God, knowing that He cares for you. Trusting that He is your present Help today. When you take that thing you have been dealing with, struggling with, worried about - out of your hands, and place it in God's hands depending on Him to make a way: you'll finally be free!

Open your mouth today, and verbally give those cares to God by simply saying, "Lord, I cast ____________ on you, and I thank you Heavenly Father that you care for me in Jesus name!

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