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Release 2 Increase...

Do you want to improve your financial state of being or are you comfortable where you are? Well, if you are anything like me, I desire to receive all that God has for me financially because as a child of God, it's our #birthright! Could you imagine the children of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos rejecting their wealth inheritance? Certainly not...however, there are multitudes of God's children all over the world rejecting their wealth #birthright everyday because of a lack of knowledge and a rejection of knowledge.

I want to be very clear! God takes pleasure in your prosperity. God delights to see you in your wealthy place by applying faith in His word! In fact, if you are going to #ADVANCE (improve, progress, be elevated to a higher rank, promoted) in 2019, you must advance financially. Again, let me be clear! Advancing Financially isn't about hoarding up all the financial increase for yourself, it's about fulfilling a mandate and a #purpose called Blessed to be a Blessing.

Just wife Kisha went to a community luncheon, and discovered a particular faith-based organization that is doing awesome things in the community. The vision is God-led. The people are people of integrity. As a result, she sent me a text about partnering with the organization. After reading their vision and asking God what to give, I quickly responded with a go-ahead to support them with a monthly financial gift {donation, seed, offering).

Now, just imagine how many dynamic organizations and ministries that are doing a work for God that could advance if only God's people had enough to truly be a #blessing. However, in order to be a blessing financially, you must first #Advance Financially. You must have enough not just for you and your family, but any family that God needs you to help! This is what #Blessed to be a #Blessing is all about. Yes, we can pray. Yes, we can fast. Yes, we can volunteer our time, but one of the greatest tools is the ability to be a financial blessing.

To be a financial blessing, you must Advance Financially!

I believe this blog is for you today because God wants you to use your #Faith to Advance Financially! Why? So, you can partner with Him to reach hurting people all over the world. So, never put down your faith when it comes to financial increase. It's your #birthright!

As I conclude this blog today, I want to leave you with a powerful key on how to Advance Financially. Just yesterday, the Holy Spirit gave me a powerful phrase...He said, "You Have To Release To Increase." Wow! This simple, but powerful truth is the key to your Financial Advancement.

Just as I released my financial seed {gift} to support the work of God, I'm expecting Increase in Jesus name. Don't sit back another day hoping to have #abundance, #overflow and #increase financially. No! Use your #faith and apply the principle of release and watch increase manifest in your life. In other words, when God tells you to give, where to give and who to give to financially, release it (give it) and expect supernatural increase to return to your life...So, #Advance...Recover all...Be a Blessing!

Scripture References: Hosea 4:6 - Genesis 12:2,3 - Psalm 35:27 NKJV - Proverbs 11:24 AMP

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