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Staying In Faith…Til it Clicks!

Updated: May 13, 2020

To all of you that have prayed, and continue to keep standing with us in Faith, we love you. This blog has been sitting in my draft for a month, but just yesterday seemingly out of the blue my mother begin to post on facebook pictures of Brooke. Initially, I didn't know what to feel, since I'm the one that usually does all the posting, but I took time and reflected and, I believe now is the time to release what I've been waiting to share...Here we go!

On June 24, 2019, I experienced the greatest hurt and pain a Father could ever feel. This was the day that my precious 8yr old little girl Brooke moved from this life, to place called #Heaven.

What I will share with you in this blog today, is how to escape from any hell that you are experiencing in your life, and enter into a place of #Victory that at times can seem unreal or unexplainable. However, this #Victory that I will discuss can seem distant, yet it's more real than the world that you feel, touch and see everyday.

For myself, Brooke's move to #Heaven seemed unreal, unimaginable for weeks and even months: the constant wave of negative emotions of loss, detachment, abandonment, grief and sorrow was a continual ongoing battle. When I say, it took #Faith every breath, every minute of the day, this wasn't a hyperbole…it was Real!

….many asked my wife and I, how are you doing? The answer was "were are living by #faith every moment of the day!" That statement would become the most powerful statement in the existence of our lives. If it hadn't not be for our #Faith In God, I would not be writing this blog today!

How can a sudden tragedy of massive portion not crumble my life, my marriage, my family and my ministry. How could this devastation not make me go run and hide? How could this pain and hurt not overtake my life, and incapacitate me from fulfilling my purpose?

A young man came to me at the funeral, and his words to me were, "Jerwan, you are a strong brother!" I realized that I wasn't strong in my own strength, it was solely the #strength of God infusing me. Yet, even in my daily walk of depending and leaning on God, I still felt overwhelmed and in agony, but I didn't put down my #faith.

I cried, screamed, hollered and screamed again, but I didn't put down my #faith. I had to keep fighting for my #faith…I had to hold on to my #faith in God no matter how I felt because I desperately needed to step in a place of peace. I asked my wife, "how can we live the rest of our lives without our precious Brooke, how can we do it…"

In a situation like this, I couldn't do it in my own strength: I would need the Supernatural Strength of God!

As I gave myself to God's strength daily, I had to refuse, rebuke and redirect EVERY thought that the devil would present to me and only focus on the word of God! This act of #faith kept me from falling, caving in and quitting, but I still had the negative emotions, guilt, fear and shame playing in the background of my mind.

I knew Brooke was with my Heavenly Father! I knew that the word promised me that I would see her again, but I was still weighed down with Pain; yet, I didn't put down my #faith. I kept fighting the good fight of #faith. I refused to live in this pain forever.

You don't have to live in Pain as a way to express your love for someone that has transition from this life, you can love them better by living in Peace, and celebrating their life!

Even through the ups and downs, good days and bad days, I wouldn't give up on my #faith because I Needed A Breakthrough. I needed to Live and not Die…I had to cross over into Peace, Wholeness and Healing in order to prevent the enemy from taking me out emotionally!

And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise --Hebrews 6:15 NKJV

As I wrote this blog I graduated to another level of peace, but ultimately I write, stand, fight and refuse to compromise my faith for you. My wife and I are unwilling to bend in the midst of tragedy because we know their are people that need us to Stand, and above all God needs us to be a witness of His Unfailing Strength!

I want to let you know that no matter what situation you face in life, never give up on the destination God promised you; however, you will have to persevere in your #faith…and you must make a quality decision to Stay In Faith til it Clicks!

Simply, stay in Faith til you AWAKE to what's already been there the whole time…The moment Brooke transitioned…MY Peace, MY Healing, MY Victory was never in the Future it was in my Now: He {Jesus Christ} was with me the whole time. I had to detach myself from the pain, hurt and shame, and allow my #Faith to strip off what was weighing me down...eventually My Eyes Opened!

The sorrow, fear, the pain has been snatched off of my life. Glory!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't put down my #Faith, and when I refused to allow the enemy to kill, steal and destroy my faith, I gave my Faith permission to wake me up….that's why you can't never put down your Faith because it is your Faith that AWAKES!

Your Breakthrough is not in front of you….it's inside you, and it's been there the whole time! Thank You Jesus!!!

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