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The Miracle Catch

It's awesome when you discover that #themightyGod we serve can take a seemingly small thing and make into a #Supernatural thing! Let me explain...

Me, my son Jaden and daughter Adrielle went kayaking two days ago. Although it was my 1st time, I felt very comfortable in maneuvering the kayak, maybe it's because I was only in 3ft of water. I was doing really well, so I decided to venture off into deeper waters about 6ft. As I began to paddle, I tipped over and fell into the water. I heard my children screaming "give me your phone, hurry!" When I jolted up, I realized my IPhone was soaking wet, so I quickly tossed it to them. Laughing at being submerged, I got back to shore, and realized that my Stacy Adams glasses were missing.

I started patting my pockets, but couldn't find them. Then I heard my neighbor say, "what did you lose?" My children said, "his glasses." So, my neighbor went into her house, and came back with some goggles. I put on the goggles, went back into the lake, and searched for about 10min. Finding nothing; my super nice neighbor put her kayak in the lake and begin to paddle around the area where my glasses fell. 30min or so went by, but...nothing! She eventually said, "we are gonna have to wait until tomorrow when the water settles: it was pretty wavy!

As I walked away, for a split second I accepted the fact of waiting until tomorrow to see if I could find my glasses, but at that moment I remembered a story in #thebible when #theprophet #Elisha made an Ax Head float {II Kings 6:6}. Instantly, #myfaith rose up, overthrew the facts, and out of my spirit, I #prayed this #prayer, "Father, just like the prophet made the Ax Head float, I declare we will find my glasses today, in Jesus name! Seconds...I mean seconds later, I heard my neighbor say, "I see them!!!"

It's amazing how something like losing some glasses in a lake would cause God to get involved. This situation really made be realize that #God wants to display His #supernaturalpower no matter our situation. Our Heavenly Father cares about what we care about. For me--it was my glasses, but it can be anything you need in your life right now. There might be some facts, but God has a way to supersede facts: it's called #Supernatural!

So, if there's an area in your life where you've decided not to use your #faith because it seems like it's too small for God, I want you to know that God wants you to #believe in Him no matter the need. He wants to take that small thing, and help you in an #extraordinary way, just to let you know....He's a BIG GOD!!!!

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