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The Power of Perseverance

There are times in life where life itself can be very frustrating...for those who are willing to go against the grain and refuse to be average, there will be challenges, opposition and pressure moments; however the key to not only withstanding the onslaught, but #overcoming it is called #perseverance!

Many have learned how to release their #faith by targeting a #promise from God! Many have spoken in Faith concerning what they desire pertaining to the word of God. Yet the key is: can you #STAND when opposition comes to try your faith. Can you persevere when you are believing for healing, and there’s still pain? Can you stay in faith for your marriage when there’s been infidelity...?

In other words, #Faith is much more than believing: Faith is Standing! Yes, the ability to stand your ground. The power to stand on #thewordofGod in spite of the contradictions of life. It’s the fortitude to persevere when it doesn’t look like it's working in your favor. Finally, it’s refusing to give up or give in, when the fight of faith is the most severe. I challenge you today, no matter the discouragement, persevere, #persist and remain #steadfast to what you #believe...I say #Persevere!

Today, I write you having recently experienced the death of my nephew; however, I had to persevere through shock of the tragedy. I had to allow God's #grace to ignite my hope of seeing my nephew again. I had to #persevere! I had to stand when grief tried to destroy me. I had to remain persistent in God's word when hurt and pain tried to distort my faith. I had to refuse to give up.

Therefore, I encourage you in the face of tragedy, seemingly set-backs or tribulation you might have experienced, embrace the key of #perseverance: Make up my mind to never quit no matter the difficulty, and #thepowerofGod will gird and guide you into Victory...

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