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The Source...

Recently I experienced a #supernatural display of God's #power that literally had me in tears. My 7yr old daughter had been experiencing severe abdominal pain. In the past, my wife and I made moderate changes to her eating habits and kept her hydrated, which always gave us favorable results. However, this time those particular remedies didn't seem to work at all, so we took here to her pediatrician. The pediatrician gave us a prescription; however over a two week span, we saw her symptoms leave, but then get worse.

Then it all hit the breaking point, when my wife had been up all night with my daughter. Early that morning, she infatically stated, "I'm taking Brooke to the emergency room." When we arrived at the hospital, and placed in a room, Brooke's nurse did a quick exam of her stomach. He informed the doctor that Brooke had some stiffness on the left side of her abdomen.

The doctor ordered an enima for her as the first strategy to relieve the pain. When the enima didn't work, the doctor then ordered and x-ray. After reviewing the x-ray, the doctor put in an order for a stronger enima. As the pediatric nurse was applying the enima, she felt a ball-like obstruction in Brooke's intestine. As the solution began to take affect, the obstruction came out. We were relieved thinking that Brooke was finally going to be pain free, but the nurse stated that it was one more huge obstruction that was still logged in her intestine.

The nurse sent word for the doctor. As the doctor entered, the nurse and doctor began to talk in the corner of the room. They came back to my wife and I and told us that Brooke would need to be sedated and the GI surgeon would have to surgically remove the obstruction. Then the doctor and nurse left the room.

When the door closed, I couldn't believe what was happening. The nurse had just assured us that the last enima would work and relieve Brooke from her pain. Now, the doctor is ordering a procedure for Brooke. I sat in the chair trying to collect my thoughts, even though I knew what sedate meant, I still leaned over to my wife and said, "they need to sedate her, what does that mean?" My wife said, "they have to put her to sleep." I'm laughing now because I was at a lost for words at the time...

I remember saying to God. "I don't want Brooke to have any procedure."

So, I began to pray that the obstruction would discentigrate in the name of Jesus. A few minutes after I prayed, Brooke went to the restroom. I heard her in the restroom moaning. I heard the pain! I felt the anguish! Before I knew it, I was speaking to the obstruction logged in her stomach, and I commanded it to come fall out in Jesus name...within seconds my wife with elation said, "go get the nurse, it came out."

The nurse came in, and looked in the commode saying, "that's the doctor." The doctor came in, and took a look saying, "no need for the surgery." As the doctor left the room, I remembered the door shutting, and at that moment, I began to weep. I began to think of all the people that suffer from pain and sickness everyday not knowing that there is a Healer that is alive. There is a #Healer that loves them, but because of a lack of knowledge, they're unable to Tap Into #TheSource to receive their #healing.

Then I began to rejoice with tears of joy at the majesty of God. I felt privileged to be connected to a God that is always willing and available to do such great things! It happened when I tapped into #TheSource...Brooke received her deliverance from the pain and a planned surgery. All I can say is...God is my Source!!!

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