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When All You Can Do Is STAND!

Today, I reach out to those that have faced some sort of tragedy, life altering circumstance or fighting what seems to be an insurmountable challenge. In spite of the pain, hurt or pressure, I encourage you to STAND! This is not the time to give in, cave in, quit or give up on God…no! This is the time to stand firm on your Faith and refuse to be moved. Yes! You have been equipped to STAND!

At times it may seem impossible to gather your emotions and stand in the middle of the storm, but you have been wired to win!

I never thought that I would face what I'm facing at this very moment as I write you. My eight-year old little girl Brooke went to be with the Lord eighteen days ago. Her smile, her cheer and her personality lit up the room and definitely lit up me and my wife's heart, and we know that smile is a light in Heaven now!

As a Pastor, I have dedicated my life to helping people build their faith in God. I have encouraged and comforted hundreds of people's faith in the midst of grief and trouble, now I must apply the same principles of faith for myself and family.

I've read many posts and comments that truly have blessed my family over the last two weeks. One of them said, "You Can't Fake Faith. When I think about that statement, I think about the only thing that has kept me and my family from drowning in the sorrow, depression and despair - Our Faith in God!

Our Faith in God has supernaturally infused strength and hope in us that we will see Brooke again. This is the hope that I meditate on day and night, and at times seemingly every breath I take. I personally not only have to Stand in the midst of opposition, I must STAND every moment, minute and second of the day in order to STAND in the peace of God versus the pain of the problem.

I STAND not on my own strength, but by my Faith in God knowing that I have a promise from His word. I encourage you today that you can STAND as well! Believe me, I can imagine what you might be going through, but you can STAND!

When you know that no matter what you face, that you actually already have the Victory, your Faith will rise up, and you will be able to declare, "#westillwin…"

That's called STANDING! God bless!

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