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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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Your JOB Is Not Your SOURCE...

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how hard you worked, no matter how many hours you labored on your job, when you looked at your paycheck versus your said, "it's still not enough." Have you every put all your heart and mind toward going after a promotion or raise, and when you received it, you still felt like it was still more to life.

Well, the reason why your job can never give you enough is because it was never designed to give you enough. Your job was never meant to pay you for your value because no one can pay what your worth.

You Are Priceless!

Your job was never meant to fulfill a void in your life. It was never meant to be your #provider. Your job was only intended to sharpen your skills and giftings; to teach you how to build relationships and team-work; to help you define and perfect your purpose; to mold your work ethic for your future calling and #assignment; and ultimately to give you financial seed {your paycheck} to sow {give, tithe} for the harvest of an #abundantlife you truly desire!

In other words, quit trying to make your Job your #Source. Source means first cause, original, that which gives rise to anything.

Therefore, your job can never be the origin of your joy, peace or provision: that's God's job. Your job can never be the origin of your value, worth or purpose. No! God is your only Source, and #God is the only true origin of peace, love, joy, self-worth, #purpose and #provision!

So, if you loss your job and you feel worthless - check your source! If you have de-valued your life because of your low salary - check your source! If you are basing your #DreamLife on how many doubles and triples you can work, while missing ball games, open houses and your child's first step, you have just identified that God isn't your Source.

The Life That God Has For You Isn't Based on Your Salary, It's Based on Your #Faith In God! God Is Your Source!

I challenge you be excellent on your job...give an 110% in your duties...serve your boss...bring increase to the company....and be a light among your peers....

However, take time to #Dream beyond where you are currently...#Imagine a place of "All Things Are Possible!" It's a place that you can't work's a place you have to #believe for...but you have to Tap Into The True and Only Source!

Find out more next week....#theunlimitedlife #faithlife #iamalimitbreaker

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