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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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You Don’t Have To Live Life With LIMITS!

Let today be a day of transparency, so that we can break those #limits and #invisiblefences that have held us back from pursuing God’s perfect plan for our lives.

If you desire to extract the hidden #potential that lies inside of you: the best you! You have to expose those lurking #limits in your life. You have to take a long hard look in the mirror. In other words, you have to be an open book. The days of hiding limits are over. It's time to confront them!

Just recently I had to confront a limit in my life that’s been trying to hold me back. It happened while I was exposing myself to the word of God.

When you expose yourself to God’s Word, you will expose limits in your life.

As I listened and listened to God's word, the Holy Spirit begin to show me a limit that had been hiding in my life trying to stop me, suppress me and box me in with defeat; however, I begin notice that some of my actions in life, and even a lack of actions were a result of that #limit.

A limit is anything that tries to stop your progress.

So, I quickly confronted the limit and commanded it to leave my life. I then repented, making a decision to never let that limit stop my progress ever again. So, what happened? #1 The word of God exposed the limit. #2 {When the light bulb turned on} I was able to see clearly it was a limitation blocking my progress. #3 I confronted it {I spoke out of my mouth, commanding that limit to leave}.

This was ground breaking for me because I finally realized that my lack of progress wasn't normal. Sometimes we think that "oh, I didn't get it done, it's ok" or "oh, I'll get back to that idea later" or "oh, it's just a little rage, someone made me upset"....are just normal statements. No! Those are limits.

You're suppose to get it done! You're suppose to formulate that idea, now! You're suppose to have disciplined emotions.

You're suppose to be LIMIT FREE!

When I confronted the limit, freedom manifested. I was free from the limit not because I struggled for an hour to remove it. No! The victory came merely by exposing the limit. When I turned the light on the limit, the power of the limit was broken because limits like to hide in the dark.

I challenge you today to look into the mirror of the word of God, and whatever limit-stain, limit-blemish or limit-spot you see... don't ignore it. Confront it, and command it to leave your life. When you the light of God's truth flood your heart like never before, and break the back of those limits that's been hiding for years.

That’s #Unlimited!

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