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3 Keys To Change The Way You Think - Your Unlimited Life Coach - Jerwan Jones
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You Were Born To Be UNLIMITED...

Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here on Earth? Until you are able to answer these three questions correctly, you will never live a life #beyond limitations! Most people don't know their true identity. Many believe that they're actually from a certain city or state, and the majority don't know why they are here on Earth.

In fact, so many people, who love God find themselves living a life of frustration, complacency and lack because they don't know the answers to these questions. However, God has the answers to these questions, that will finally help break free from the invisible fences in life. God is waiting for you to live life #Unlimited!

Are you ready to destroy the habitual cycles of ordinary, and start living an #extraordinary life? Well, it begins with knowing "Who You Are!" Never allow circumstances, failures or relationships tell you Who You Are! Your identity must come from your Creator, who is your Heavenly Father. And when you have a true relationship Him, He will always tell you "Who You Are!"

1. You are The Image of God

Yes! You are a child of God...but when you understand that you are also the Image of God, you tap into a greater understanding of who you are in God; as a result, you begin to shred off pounds of limits. As this weight begins to drop: fear, insecurity and worthlessness will be a distant past.

The Image of God (Genesis 1:26) actually means duplicate. When you understand that you are a duplicate of God, you quickly discover that you were born to do something very significant in your life. Once you embrace this truth, limits won't be able to remain.

2. You Are From Heaven

Many associate their place of origin with a city and zip code; however, your greatness is too expansive to be limited to a physical State; like Texas, Michigan or Indiana. No! When you reduce your origin to a natural hometown you set yourself up for limits. You are actually from a place of "No Limits" called #Heaven (Philippians 3:20)! So, if you come from a place of "No Limits", why would you allow limitations to dictate your life. If you are truly ready to live The Unlimited Life, allow the environment where you are actually from (Heaven), invade the environment where you are currently at...and watch limits flee from your life.

3. You Exist To Serve The World With Your God-Given Gifts

God knew the exact place and time when you would come into this world. He knew exactly, who you would meet and come into contact with. Therefore, He loaded you with all the gifts you would need to be an influence for Him. Your Heavenly Father, sent you to the Earth to make an impact. You were sent here for a purpose. In fact, there is no one on Earth that can do exactly what God called you to do. You are Unique!

So, why are you here on Earth? This is the only question I can't answer for you; however, as I write this today, it isn't by coincidence. You are reading [this blog] because God is waiting for you to ask Him the most important question in your life..."God, what is my purpose?"

The moment you discover your the moment you have destroyed limits, barriers and boundaries in your life. When you walk out your purpose...You walk in a life of the Extraordinary...It's called UNLIMITED!

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