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Unlimited Power to Heal

I recently spoke to a Pastor that shared with me a recent testimony about God's supernatural power to Heal. I want to share this testimony with you today because as I listened to his detailed account of the miracle healing, the Holy Spirit revealed to me: what I call Indicators!

I believe the miracle testimony will ignite your faith to action; yet, I also believe if you embrace the knowledge of the indicators (principles) I share with you, and apply them in your life, you will experience God's unlimited power. So, let's begin.

The Pastor spoke of a woman that was healed in a worship service at his church. The woman shared her testimony of her healing to her friend that was blind. As a result, the blind woman asked her friend to take her to the same church where she was healed because she wanted to be healed too! The blind woman was able to get to the church for a Sunday Worship Service of course with the assistance of a driver. The drive was a hour and a half!

During the worship service the Pastor spoke out of his mouth making reference to Jesus being a Healer! Now the Pastor said, as soon as he spoke of Jesus healing, one of his members, who was recently in the hospital jumped up out of her seat, and began walking around the sanctuary praising God.

At that exact moment (it was reported later) the blind lady asked her friend, "is it time for me to be healed?" Wow!

The blind woman requested to be escorted to the front. The Pastor laid hands on her, and as he was about to walk away, the Pastor's wife waved her hands in the direction of the blind lady. What happened next was God's Unlimited Healing Power!

The blind lady shouted that she could see the Pastor's wife waving her hands. Glory to God! Folks! God is still Healing in 2018! God is still opening blind eyes!

What happened? What were the Indicators {special insights} that lead to this miracle?

  • The blind lady heard and received someone's testimony as her own.

  • The blind lady was aggressive by going to the church an hour & a half away.

  • The blind lady discerned in the Spirit the right moment to act on her faith.

  • The blind lady's faith activated The Unlimited Healing Power of God!

  • The blind lady is no longer blind. SHE CAN SEE!

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